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Using Promotional Pens to Market Your Business

Everyone loves free pens. Something about having such a basic tool provided at no cost makes people very accepting of promotional pens. Also, with all of the different designs and styles that are available, many people will find them more fun and exciting than their standard office supplied ball point pens. Whether you're promoting an auto shop business that you own, an insurance company, or any other type of business, promotional pens offer an affordable, yet fun way to advertise your business.

As far as advertising is concerned, promotional pens are one of the most cost-effective solutions to marketing your business. Pens can be purchased in a variety of styles and designs, which will influence the cost, but even purchasing the high-end styles and designs will be cheaper than many other forms of advertising. Additionally, using pens works because people can use your product. You could advertise on a business card or a billboard, and people will see it a couple of times, and then discard it or stop paying attention. If you give people a pen with your business on it, they'll actually use the product, and see your business's name every time they pick it up.

Promotional pens come in all types of styles, designs, and colors, so no matter what type of business you have, you can find a pen that suits your needs. You can also determine the quality that you want, so if you're a smaller business you only have to purchase what you need. You can buy 50, 100, or even 1,000 pens with your company logo and information on them, depending on what you need. As far as distributing the pens, you can do that in any manner you like. Many companies leave them in relevant businesses for people to pick up. For example, if you sell insurance, leaving your pens at a car dealership is a great way to find customers. And if you're a car dealer, leave them with an insurance company. It works both ways.

Promotional pens are available in many colours. All of these can be personalised with your requirements. The pens can be printed on to are supplied from the top pen manufacturers around. Reputable European companies such as Senator, Lecce, Prodir, and Parker construct pens for promotional use which are often copied. These pens are ideal as a promotional item for your business, or as an advertising gift.

Senator pens has created tiered service offering range of options. The four service in the range are Ship in five days, ship in two days, ship in 24hrs and ship in same day. This service is available on best selling Super Hit ball pen in a range of 12 colour options. Maximum print run on 24hrs is 1000 super hit pens, and 5000 pens on express five days delivery.

The beauty of promotional pens is that you are serving two purposes. You're providing consumers and potential customers with a product that they can use on a daily basis, and you're also advertising your business and getting your name out there. It doesn't matter why you choose this route for your advertising needs, because it will work regardless. You can even hand out the pens to individuals on your own, or have them in your office for people to grab on the way out. As long as people are writing, they will need pens; providing people with fun, stylish, free products will make them happy, and help your business.

All express Pens are despatched on time provided artwork is supplied in EPS Illustrator Vectorised file and order must be for single colour print. Overnight delivery service is for UK mainland address only and does not include the highlands or islands of the UK.

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